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Are you looking for some help with planting in your garden? Are you struggling to find the time to do it, just not green fingered or maybe you just don’t know which plants would work best in your garden! Aire Valley landscaping offer a planting service. We offer an initial home or business visit where we will discuss your ideas and plans for your garden. Lifestyle and time has a lot to do with the type of plants you would choose for your garden, hardy plants and evergreen plants.

Low Maintenance Gardens


In todays busy world many people just don’t get a lot of free time to maintain their garden. When you want a garden that looks lovely but you don’t have the time to be out weeding and tending to it, we have the solution. Low maintenance gardens are very popular now as you can have the best of both worlds. We specialise in low maintenance gardens, including water features, planting of more hardy plants and trees and decorative stones and gravels.


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